Surfing at Geger Beach in Nusa Dua

Surfing at Geger Beach in Nusa Dua

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  The best in Nusa Dua surfing at Geger Beach!


Open from 7am. Great coffee !



During the rainy season from October until May, we are perfectly situated directly in front of one of the best and most consistent Nusa Dua surfing breaks at Geger Beach

Just a 15 minute paddle out or, alternatively, hire a local boat to assist for 50,000rp each way.

”  Offshore righthand supermarket with a confusing amount of aisles to go shopping in. All available swell is sucked into the entrance of the deep Lombok Strait and bent onto this 2km curve of coral reef. Unlike other Bukit set-ups, it focuses into a vast array of shifting peaks, hitting different lumps of the reef and drawing up into powerful, heavy-lipped bowls and long sections of speed carve walls. At size, the drops get serious and thick, while unpredictable sections add to the sense of roulette — eventually you will get one on the head. It rarely links up into a super-long ride, but the paddle back out always seems longer against the background drift north and if you try the zippy, open lefts on the far inside section, prepare to be punished paddling back out. Wet season all day staple and dry season sneaky early. “


Open 7am until 8pm from the first waves until moonlight and breakfast until dinner


We rent and sell surf boards


Please see tide charts below

We offer a wide range of sensibly priced wonderful food. The menu features superb Italian and seafood dining with succulent fresh seafood, delicious pizzas, pastas, salads, together with California Smoothies and Indonesian dishes tastefully designed by the Balinese chef.

All of our dishes are freshly cooked by highly trained Balinese chefs in our modern clean kitchens following your orders, ensuring wonderful flavor is not lost. All of our succulent seafood, prawns, squid, snapper, lobster, baramundi and more, is carefully sourced fresh daily as the overnight local fishing boats arrive onshore. Vegetables and other ingredients are imported from Italy and sourced daily from the vibrant village markets of central Bali.

Our pizza doe is made fresh daily. We use the best mozzarella & parmesan cheeses available. Our famous and authentic pizza sauce is slow cooked to perfection using beautiful Italian Pomodoro tomatoes, Oregano,Thai Basil & Italian parsley. All pizzas are expertly hand tossed for that perfect crispy crust loved by all. Your pizza is then cooked to perfection ‘Italian Style’ in our specialty ovens. Enjoy with the view of Geger Beach and Pura Geger Temple!

Come join us by the temple for Moonlight and Full Moon Dining!


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